Classes scheduled for September 2018

Sept  3,monday-Muffins, Cookies, Brownies Baking Classes – Crisp chocolate fudge brownie, Choco chip muffin, Wheat muffin, Chocolate walnut cookies, Fudge brownies, Caramel chocolate short bread.

Sept 4, Tuesday-Sandwiches and Rolls Classes (Non Veg) – Grilled chicken sandwich, Tuna sandwich, Pinwheel sandwich, Pita bread sandwich, Frankie roll.

Sept  6, Thursday-Middle East Cuisine Classes – Moroccon chicken tagine, Couscous, Beef  harissa, Vermicelli rice, Moussaka, Mahalabia(dessert)

Sept 7, Friday-Doughnuts Classes – Doughnuts with different toppings: Chocolate glaze, Peanut topping, Butterscotch, Fudge, Oreo. Filling: Custard cream, Strawberry cream, Chocolate cream and Silvana (jap cake)

Sept 10th, Monday- Kebabs and Grills Classes – Tangri kebab, Malai kebab, Tawa grilled chicken, Hariyali kebab, Grilled chicken in barbeque sauce, Grilled fish

Sept 11, Tuesday-Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 3 – Chocolate Swiss roll, Irish coffee cake, Date marble cake, Honey nut cake, Chocolate truffle cake

Sept 12, Wednesday -Burgers – Mexican style beef burger with chipotle sauce, Crumb fried chicken burger with honey mustard sauce, spicy meat burger with classic burger sauce,  steak burger with sweet chilli sauce, stak accompaniments.

Sept 14, Friday-Chaats Making Classes – Papadi Chaat / Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri, Pani Puri, Masala Puri, Green chutney, Sweet Chutney.

Sept 15, Saturday-Tarts and Pies Baking Classes – Apple pie, Lemon pie, Fruit tartlets, Butterscotch tarts, Jam tarts

Sept 17,Monday- Bakes and Pies Classes – Chicken pot pie, Shepherds Pie, Chicken au gratin, Quiche, Fish / Chicken Florentine.

Sept 28. Friday-Christmas Treats Classes – Rich fruit cake, Boiled fruit cake, Caramel ginger bread, Nut bar cookies, mince pies, Ginger bread cookies, Grape wine.

Sept 29, Saturday -Indian Chicken Dishes Classes – Murg do piaza, Pepper chicken, Chicken 65, Saag murgh(palak chicken), Chicken tikka masala.