Classes scheduled for June 2022 and July 2022

June 27,MondaySquashes & Mocktails Classes – Ginger lime squash, guava squash, carrot squash, beetroot squash, mint squash, Pineapple / Orange / Passion fruit / Mango squash, Sangria, Cinderella, Mixed fruit punch

June 29, Wednesday- Indian Chicken Dishes Classes – Murg do piaza, Pepper chicken, Chicken 65, Saag murg (palak chicken), Chicken tikka masala

June 30, Thursday -Barbecue Classes – Barbecue chicken, Peri peri chicken, Glazed ribs / chops, Harissa grilled prawns, Spicy smoked chicken wings

July 2, Saturday-Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 3 – Chocolate Swiss roll, Irish coffee cake, Date marble cake, Honey nut cake, Chocolate truffle cake

July 5. Tuesday-Middle East Desserts – Kunafa, Basbousa, Shaabiyat, umali, Baklava

July 7, Thursday- Salads

July 9, Saturday-Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 14 – Fresh plum cake, Crumb berry cake, Rose milk cake, Mini orange cake with glaze icing

July 12, Tuesday- Desserts and Puddings Classes 1– Jelly topped tender coconut, Banoffee pie, Coffee gateau Blueberry cheesecake , Butterscotch snow white pudding

July 15,Friday- Desserts and Puddings Classes 5 – Choco nut swirl cream, Apple toffee cheesecake, kiwi soufflé, Panna cotta in passion fruit sauce, Classic fruit flan

July 16, Saturday- Bread Baking Classes – Milk bread, Wheat bread, Stuffed bread, Posy roll, Cloverleaf roll, Braided roll, Choco chip rolls, Cinnamon rolls, Knots, Rosetts, Sausage roll, Fillings, Croissants.

July 18, Monday- North Indian Cooking Classes (Non Veg) – Butter naan, Garlic Naan, Kulcha, Roti, Bhature, Chicken tikka, Butter chicken, Chicken Mughlai

July 21, Thursday- Middle Eastern Cooking Classes 2 – Alfaham, Toum, Red sauce, Chicken mandi, Chicken kabsa,
Tomato sauce, Tabboleh

July 23, Saturday- Puffs Baking Classes – Meat puffs, Veg puffs, Egg puffs, Spinach and cheese swirls, Apple strudel, Mushroom strudel, Cinnamon sugar palmiers, Sweet Naan

July 26, Tuesday-Burger Making Classes – Mexican beef burger with chipotle sauce, Crumb fried chicken burger with honey mustard sauce, Spicy beef burger with classic burger sauce, Steak burger with caramelised onions and sweet chilli sauce.

July 28, Thursday- Macarons – French macarons, Italian macarons, Berry ganache, Italian meringue butter cream, Chocolate ganache, Salted caramel butter cream

July 30,Saturday-Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 12 – Rafaello Cake, Duo Decadence, Mighty Raspberry cake