Cooking & Baking Classes

Cake Baking and Pastries

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 1 – Carrot date and nut cake, Mocha cake with fudge icing, Walnut cake with American frosting, Moist chocolate cake, Banana walnut bread.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 2 – Pineapple upside down cake, Ghee cake, Checkered cake, Glazed apple cake, Rich Chocolate cake.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 3 – Chocolate Swiss roll, Irish coffee cake, Date marble cake, Honey nut cake, Chocolate truffle cake.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 4 – Strawberry cream cake, Crunchy coffee cake, Double chocolate cake with frosting, Basboosa.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 5 – Death by chocolate cake, Black / White forest cake, Litchi cream cake, Pineapple delite, Coffee Streussel cake.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 6 – Coffee walnut dome cake, Fruit gateau, Toffee topped apple Cake, Peach praline.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 7 – Black beauty cake, Boiled carrot loaf cake, Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, Vanilla butter cake, Meringue topped apple almond cake.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 8 – Caramel cream classic, Peach mousse cake, Butterscotch cake, Decadent chocolate cake, Ravani cake.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 9 – Mango cream cheese cake, Trio milk cake with toffee cream, Sweet n sour lemon cake with glaze icing, Oreo chocolate cake.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 10 – Caramel Mousse Baked Alaska, Chocolate pyramid Cake, White Chocolate Bliss, Angels fruit Gateau.

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 11 – Tiramisu Cake, Banana Toffee Cake, Devilled Chocolate Cake, Jam Roll

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 12 – Rafaello Cake, Duo Decadence, Mighty Raspberry, Opera Cake

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 13 – Walnut crumb cake, Chocolate indulgence, Hazelnut crunch cake, Ice cream cake

Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 14 – Fresh plum cake, Crumb berry cake, Rose milk cake, Mini orange cake with glaze icing

Exotic Cakes – Hazelnut chocolate mousse cake, Honey supreme cake, Berry cream truffle

Healthy Cakes – Flaxseed banana whole wheat cake, Pumpkin corn meal cake, Hazelnut torte, Spiced date cake, Carrot pineapple wheat cake

Butter Cakes – Caramel butter cake, Burnt butter apple cake, Coconut milk cake, Orange loaf cake

Desserts and Puddings

Desserts and Puddings Classes 1 – Jelly topped tender coconut, Banoffee pie, Coffee gateau, Blueberry cheesecake, Butterscotch snow white pudding.

Desserts and Puddings Classes 2 – Hawaiian coco orange pudding, Date delite, Tiramisu, Chocolate decadence, Pavlova.

Desserts and Puddings Classes 3 – Choco Rum Mousse, Crème Brulee, Cajeta walnut pie, Fruit mock tail pudding, Lemon chiffon pudding

Desserts and Puddings Classes 4 – Cherry Pineapple Gateau, Malva pudding, Baked cheese cake, Classic fruit salad, Chocolate avalanche.

Desserts and Puddings Classes 5 – Choco nut swirl cream, Apple toffee cheesecake, kiwi soufflé, Panna cotta in passion fruit sauce, Classic fruit flan.

Desserts and Puddings Classes 6 – Strawberry cheesecake pie, Sticky toffee pudding, Drunken banana, Pineapple Sago pudding.

Desserts and Puddings Classes 7 – Profiteroles, Churros, Mud Slide, Berry Yoghurt Pudding, Berry Trifle Pudding

Desserts and Puddings Classes 8 – Coconut pudding, Swiss roll trifle pudding, Black forest gateau, Apple almond pudding with custard cream

Desserts and Puddings Classes 9 – Hazelnut chocolate pudding, Waffles with salted caramel and home made ice cream, Chia mango custard pudding, Filipino custard, Double chocolate pots

Desserts and Puddings Classes 10 – Pineapple coconut treats, Gingerbpudding with dry fruit brandy sauce, Spiced no bake cheesecake, Apple crumble

Desserts and Puddings Classes 11 – Chocolate biscuit Pudding, Litchi toffee bliss, Mud pie, Apricot
orange pudding

Middle East Desserts – Kunafa, Basbousa, Shaabiyat, umali, Baklava

Baking and Confectionery

Cookies Baking Classes – Snowball cookie, Banana cookie, Nutty jam cookie, Masala cookies, Melting moments, Vanilla butter cookies.

Muffins, Cookies, Brownies Baking Classes – Crisp chocolate fudge brownie, Choco chip muffin, Wheat muffin, Chocolate walnut cookies, Fudge brownies, Caramel chocolate short bread.

Healthy Muffins Baking Classes – Chocolate muffins, Zucchini carrot wheat muffins, Ragi
breakfast muffin, Savoury muffins

Brownies Baking Classes – Chocolate hazelnut brownie, Ganache brownie, Gooey cupcake brownie, Chewy fudge brownie, Cream cheese brownie.

Cupcakes Baking Classes – Banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting, Chocolate cupcakes, Mocha walnut cupcakes, Date crumb topped cupcakes, Apple cinnamon cupcakes.

Tarts and Pies Baking Classes – Apple pie, Lemon pie, Fruit tartlets, Butterscotch tarts, Jam tarts

Bakes and Pies Classes – Chicken pot pie, Shepherds Pie, Chicken au gratin, Quiche, Fish / Chicken Florentine

Doughnuts Classes – Doughnuts with different toppings: Chocolate glaze, Peanut topping, Butterscotch, Fudge, Oreo. Filling: Custard cream, Strawberry cream, Chocolate cream and Silvana (jap cake)

Cookies & Bars – Chocolate fudge bars, Lemon bars, Biscotti, Oatmeal cookies, Sesame cookies

Macarons – French macarons, Italian macarons, Berry ganache, Italian meringue butter cream, Chocolate ganache, Salted caramel butter cream

Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making Classes 1 – Butterscotch, Rum ‘n’ raisin, Bounty bar, Mint center / Fruit center / Coffee center, Marzipan center, Coffee peanut brittle, Honey dew, Marble chocolate, Chocolate crackle, Peanut soft center, Praline chocolate, Fondant chocolate, Fig ‘n’ honey, Roasted almonds.

Chocolate Making Classes 2 – Liqueur chocolates, Chocolate truffles

Chocolate Classes 3 (Mock Chocolates) – Hazelnut chocolate(ferroro rocher), Chewy fruit bar, Oats and nuts bar, Thin mints(After 8 mints), Caramel crunch, Silky way chocolate, Peanut chocolate bar(snicker bar)

Ice Creams, Squashes, Jams, Sweets

Ice Cream Making Classes – Flavours: Butterscotch, Coffee almond, Strawberry, Chikoo, Vanilla, Pista, Mango / Kiwi, Litchi, Ice Cream sauces, Falooda and Kulfi.

Ice Cream Making Classes 2 – Ice cream cake, Fried ice creams, Ice cream bombe.

Squashes & Mocktails Classes – Ginger lime squash, guava squash, carrot squash, beetroot squash, mint squash, Pineapple / Orange / Passion fruit / Mango squash, Sangria, Cinderella, Mixed fruit punch.

Jams & Preserves Making Class – Plantain jam, Orange marmalade, Strawberry jam, Mixed fruit jam, Coconut jam, Apple jam, Peanut butter, Chocolate hazelnut spread

Candy / Sweets – Nougat, Marshmallow, Turkish delight, Carrot burfi

Breads, Puffs, Sandwiches

Bread Baking Classes – Milk bread, Wheat bread, Stuffed bread, Posy roll, Cloverleaf roll, Braided roll, Choco chip rolls, Cinnamon rolls, Knots, Rosetts, Sausage roll, Fillings, Croissants.

Puffs Baking Classes – Meat puffs, Veg puffs, Egg puffs, Spinach and cheese swirls, Apple strudel, Mushroom strudel, Cinnamon sugar palmiers, Sweet Naan.

Sandwiches and Rolls Classes (Veg) – Grilled veg salad, Cucumber and cheese pinwheel sandwich, Chilli cheese toast, Pita bread sandwich with falafel and hummus, Frankie roll with paneer.

Sandwiches and Rolls Classes (Non Veg) – Grilled chicken sandwich, Tuna sandwich, Pinwheel sandwich, Pita bread sandwich, Frankie roll.

Starters and Short Eats

Starters and Short Eats Classes 1 – Chicken croquettes, Scotch eggs, Crumb fried stuffed lollipop, Chicken fingers, Momos, Cheese dip, Chilli sauce.

Starters and Short Eats Classes 2 – Spring rolls, Party samoosa, Fried bread rolls, Savory tart, Fish packets, Ginger garlic sauce.

Starters and Short Eats Classes 3 – Devilled crab, Bacon and chicken rolls, Baked chicken rolls, Buffalo wings, Grilled mutton chops.

Starters and Short Eats Classes 4 (Veg) – Paneer packets, Savory tart, Mushroom Crouquetts, Fried bread roll, Lumbia, Momos, Cheese dip, Chilli sauce dip.


Soups Making Classes (Veg) – Sweet corn veg soup, Wonton Clear soup, Cream of mushroom soup, Manchow soup, Creamy tomato soup, Carrot soup.

Soups Making Classes (Non Veg) – Sweet corn chicken soup, Wonton clear soup, Cream of Chicken Soup, Manchow soup

International Cuisine

Chinese Cooking Classes (Veg) – Hot ‘n’ sour veg soup, Veg fried rice, Chowmein, Cauliflower Manchurian, Veg balls in hot garlic sauce, Stir fried vegetables in Szechwan sauce

Chinese Cooking Classes 1 (Non Veg) – Hot ‘n’ sour chicken soup, Fried rice, Chowmein, Chicken Manchurian, Szechwan fried fish, Chilly chicken.

Chinese Cooking Classes 2 (Non Veg) – Singapore fried rice, Sweet and sour fried noodles, Dragon chicken, Prawns in hot garlic sauce, Beef in Oyster Sauce

Chinese Cooking Classes 3 (Non Veg) – Beef noodles, Burnt garlic rice, Lemon chicken, Beef tenderloin pepper roast, Chilli Ginger chicken

Thai Cooking Classes – Tom kha Gai, Chicken Satay in peanut sauce, Pad Thai, Basil fried rice(khao pad kaprao), Thai green chicken curry, Thai red fish curry.

Asian Cuisine – Seafood laksa soup, Nasi goreng, Korean fried chicken, Kung pao chicken

Middle East Cuisine Classes – Moroccon chicken tagine, Couscous, Beef stew with harissa, Vermicelli rice, Moussaka, Mahalabia(dessert)

Middle Eastern Cooking Classes 2 – Alfaham, Toum, Red sauce, Chicken mandi, Chicken kabsa,
Tomato sauce, Tabboleh

Mexican Cooking Classes – Flour tortilla, Corn tortilla, Tomato salsa, Chicken burritos with red sauce, Nachos, Tacos, Chicken enchilada, Mexican rice, Tex Mex fried chicken.

Pizza, Burger Classes – Home made pizza base, Pizza sauce, Chicken burger, Hot dogs, Calzone, Chicken roll, Mayonnaise.

Italian Pasta Classes – Homemade pasta dough, Lasagna, Chicken and spinach ravioli, Penne in Arabiatta sauce, Pasta salad, Spaghetti Bolognese.

Italian Cooking Classes – Baked Cannelloni, Chicken and mushroom risotto, Chicken Parmigiano, Fettuccine in creamy tomato sauce, Penne in pesto sauce / Spaghetti in Alio olio sauce.

Burger Making Classes – Mexican beef burger with chipotle sauce, Crumb fried chicken burger with honey mustard sauce, Spicy beef burger with classic burger sauce, Steak burger with caramelised onions and sweet chilli sauce.

Sizzlers and Steaks Classes – Grilled chicken in wine reduction sauce, Pan seared chicken in pepper sauce, Teriyaki marinated chicken with mushroom sauce, Oyster chicken / Beef in garlic sauce.

Barbecue Classes – Barbecue chicken, Peri peri chicken, Glazed ribs / chops, Harissa grilled prawns, Spicy smoked chicken wings

Indian Cuisine

North Indian Cooking Classes (Veg) – Butter Naan, Roti, Bhature, Chole Masala, Spicy mushroom, Paneer tikka masala.

North Indian Cooking Classes (Non Veg) – Butter naan, Garlic Naan, Kulcha, Roti, Bhature, Chicken tikka, Butter chicken, Chicken Mughlai.

North Indian Cooking Class 2 – Roomali roti, Razala chicken, Achari murg, Kadai chicken, Mughlai paratha

Indian Veg Gravies Classes – Paneer pasanda, Veg do piaza, Kaju / Mushroom masala, Malai kofta curry, Vegetable kurma.

Indian Chicken Dishes Classes – Murg do piaza, Pepper chicken, Chicken 65, Saag murgh(palak chicken), Chicken tikka masala

South Indian Cooking Class – Kerala porotta, Mangalore chicken ghee roast, Hyderabadi fish curry, Coorgi pandi curry, Chettinad chicken curry

Biryani Cooking Classes – Mutton Biriyani, Talassery Chicken Biriyani, Prawn Biriyani, Fish Biriyani, Chutney.

Easter Brunch Classes – Vellaappam, Duck malliaracha curry, Keema rice, Pork pepper roast, Chocolate excess pudding.

Kebabs and Grills Classes – Tangri kebab, Malai kebab, Tawa grilled chicken, Hariyali kebab, Grilled chicken in barbeque sauce, Grilled fish.

Chaats Making Classes – Papadi Chaat / Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri, Pani Puri, Masala Puri, Green chutney, Sweet Chutney

Indian Sweets Classes – Jalebi, Kaju barfi, Gulab jamuns, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Kalakand.

Kerala Cuisine

Syrian Christian Cuisine – Erachi Ularthu, Mutton Pepper Fry, Chicken Roast, Meen Vevichathu, Meen Manga Curry

Payasams – Karikku payasam(tender coconut payasam), Payar parippu payasam, Ada pradaman, Palada payasam

More Classes….

Wine Making Classes – Grape (red) wine, White wine, Apple wine, Rice wine, Coffee wine, Dates wine, Ginger wine, Raisin wine, Beetroot wine.

Dinner Menu Classes 1 – Cream of chicken soup, Fish croquettes, Pulav, Chicken / Mutton kurma, Pudding.

Dinner Menu Classes 2 – Karimeen pollichathu, Beef pot Roast, Pork / Chicken vindaloo, Chutney pulav and Orange classic pudding

Easy Meals Classes – Steak fry and braised Brussels sprouts with rice, Hoisin chicken with rice noodles, American chopsuey, fettuccine with spinach and mushroom in cheesy sauce, Mutton Rogan josh with spiced saffron rice.

One Pot Meals – One pot seafood meal, Chicken pot stew, Oven roasted chicken, Kerala style meat pie

Christmas Dinner Classes – Whole baked Chicken, Crumb fried fish, Baked crab, Cilantro rice, Chicken Mole, Baked Bread pudding.

Christmas Treats Classes – Rich fruit cake, Boiled fruit cake, Caramel ginger bread, Nut bar cookies, mince pies, Ginger bread cookies, Grape wine.

Kids Cooking Classes 1 (3 days) – Pizza, Chocolate fudge, Strawberry cheesecake, Cucumber mint drink, Chocolate doughnut, Mushroom Crostini, Choco chip cookie, Mojito, Short bread cookie, Quiche, Choco lava cake, Chicken pin wheel sandwich, Brownie, Pinacolada.

Kids Cooking classes 2 (2 days) – Penne in cheesy sauce, Fried chicken sandwich with slaw, Chocolate cup mousse, Chocolate cake, Chocolate bliss, Mud pie, Chopsuey, Oats and choco chip cookie, Homemade chocolate, Caramel twister.